Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all work undertaken by EliNad Technologies.

If you accept a quote from us or we design a website for you or you submit any payment to us for the use of any of our services, you have agreed to these terms and conditions in full.

EliNad Technologies accepts payments through bank transfers and mobile money. If full payment is made before work is completed, clients are entitled to a refund (a percentage of payment made) if they are not satisfied with work done. If a payment plan is arranged, the client will not be entitled to a refund.

We will not be held responsible for late payments / inability to make payments by any client which affects any services being rendered.

EliNad Technologies will host your website on shared servers through third parties. It is the client’s responsibility to make payment for hosting before expiry (renewal is done annually). We will not be responsible for problems accounting from delay in payment.

EliNad Technologies takes confidentiality seriously. We will not disclose confidential information of clients to any third party. You (client) shall also not disclose any confidential information we provide to anyone or entity.

You are responsible to maintaining security of your account username and password etc. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage for your failure to protect your credentials

Hosting is done on shared servers hosted by third party providers. Security is strictly enforced to protect these servers from viruses, hackers etc. however, we will not be held responsible for any disruption of services if any.

EliNad Technologies reserves the rights to suspend or permanently ban websites (without notice or refund) of clients who violate international laws or laws of a particular county (e.g., content copyright issues, sale of illicit drugs, violence, nudity fraud etc.). We will not be held responsible for any activity you engage in that breaches any laws.

For our Free offers we will,
1. Design a free website for you.
2. Host your website on our domain for free for 1 month
3. Give you a 1 month free maintenance to make any edits to your website
4. We will give you free tips on how to make changes on your own website for 1 month
5. You have the right to cancel your request for this offer at anytime. We also reserve the right to suspend or permanently disable your website when you violate laws of the Republic of Ghana (eg. Sale of illegal materials, fraud, promotion of violence, etc.). We will not be held responsible for any activity you engage in that breaches any laws.

Content created by us including codes are exclusive to us only except an agreement had been reached with client to sell these rights. We also reserve the right to add our name to the footer of the websites of every client except where the client has bought those rights at an agreed price. Content on websites we design do not represent us and we will not be held responsible for them.

We reserve the right to update terms and conditions without notice.